Monday, 20 February 2012

A Playpark designed for adults?

This weekend we found a new and shiny outdoor gym in Hailes Quarry Park in Westerhailes. There are machines for pull ups, hand pedaling and other forms of exercise. There was also a playground for children across the other side of the park which needs investigated.

Lilliputian testing out the gym equipment

More posts will be coming soon- once we manage to get together and make it to our first playpark.


  1. One could argue that the green shiny machines are not representative of 'playing.' Excercise is a quantifiable form of physical activity and therefore cannot truly be considered play.

    Now, if I were dangling upside down from one of those contraptions, or something along those lines, we might have something.

  2. Yes, but the machines do match the colour scheme of the blog so they fit in well. We need to go to a playground soon so we can post things.

  3. Is the amount of exercise relevant? Surely it is just about the amount of Fun you are having? One could, possibly, quantify how much energy on average kids expend in playparks, all whilst having fun.

    Or maybe the criteria is that the contraptions' primary function should be Fun, and exercise is just a by-product of said Fun...