What's all this, then?  Well, let us start from the beginning.  Once, we had an idea.  This idea, like many great strokes of genius, took root one evening in the pub.  At first we thought it would be a good laugh to visit various local playparks in order to derive maximum visceral enjoyment from the experience, and then blog about the results.  We quickly realised our error.  How foolish and limiting, we thought, to stick to this initial premise, when there are so many adventures at our disposal?  We concluded that we should not just write about playparks, but other fun outdoorsy things: kite flying, picnics, playing hide and seek, treasure hunts, wild swimming... Since we don't have bedtimes, we are constrained only by our imaginations.  

There are many websites around with activities for children, but when you are over the age of 20 the idea of play seems not to be acceptable unless it is diluted, labeled, quantified, and measured.  Adults are encouraged to go to the gym, or join a fitness class.  The idea of being active for its own inherent enjoyment ceases to exist altogether.  At what point, we wondered, did 'go outside and play' turn into 'go get some exercise'?  We resolved to fight this trap of adulthood.

So, if you happen to come upon a group of adults playing hide and seek, waiting their turn for the swings in your local park, or gleefully throwing things at each other from behind the walls of a ramshackle fort - don't be surprised.  Exercise?  Pfft.  We'd rather go outside and play.