Thursday, 22 March 2012

In which we fail at playing.

Morningside Public Park
The playpark at Morningside

Today after work dusk was approaching as Lilliputian and I assembled at Morningside Public Park. Here the crucial flaw in our plan to visit playparks became apparent: we simply don't know how to play on them. We half heartedly sat on the swings, and climbed on the apparatus, but mostly we talked about our plans for the weekend, work and boring adult dramas.

In contrast the wee boy who was playing by himself as I was waiting for Lilliputian to arrive was having a great time. He ran up the spiral slide, sat and spinned himself round in the metal cup thing, and went backwards and forwards on his scooter, totally absorbed in his own world.

We evaluated the playpark mostly as logical(ish) adults. One of the slides wasn't slippy enough, another wasn't wide enough. The metal frames of the climbing frame were cold and slightly damp. What were the weird toadstood things for? Was this yellow spiral part of the climbing frame for climbing up, or sliding down?
Weird toadstool things
As playgrounds go, Morningside Public Park is fairly typical for its size with several climbing frames, a choice of slides, and some swings.These follow a colour theme with primary colours and orange.

I was more excited by the discovery of a public tennis court, and basketball court next to the playpark, than the playpark itself. My mind turned to wondering if I could find a group of people to play tennis or  basketball (or badminton) with for free.

Why can't I spend self absorbed hours going backwards and forwards up and down a slide, spinning round and round? What can be done about this situation? Can I learn how to play? Do I want to learn how to play?


  1. As an adult, I tend to spend my self-absorbed hours telling myself little stories in a fantasy world... Looks like I'm spacing out... Well I guess when I do, I am... But if it is a property of an adult to have goals, those stories have no particular goal... So I guess it's childish...?

  2. That playpark is really excellent. When I was a nanny I used to take the boy there every afternoon. We played Monster - he would run away, I would chase him making roaring noises. Up the spiral slide, down the stairs, under the climbing frame, through the smalle one, over the climbing frame... then he would take a break by chasing me around on his bike.

    Great exercise.