Sunday, 4 March 2012

Impromptu Visit in Darkness

This evening myself, Lilliputian and our friend KT were sat inside on comfy sofas and armchairs enjoying the luxury of a well heated living room, when someone commented that Falcon Road Park was nearby, and suggested we visit. So we did. 

Falcon Road Park is tucked away beside a primary school in Morningside.  Lilliputian had fun going down the slides, which were slightly wider than many slides providing ample room for adult bottoms to fit. I, on the other hand, am a bit more of a wuss than Lilliputian and was put off by my bottom getting wet the one time I went down. I failed at the monkey bars (as I did when a child). There was a rope bridge which seems like it would be very easy for a child to fall off.

Lilliputian - " I find the plastic slides are often slipperier than the metal ones. Slipperier equals better"
Disembodied swinging experience.
Pretty playpark
This seems dangerous.
She's the king of the castle and we're the dirty rascals...

Overall this is a great wee park with interesting quirks and features, and a good place to spend 15 minutes in during the evening. We give it a rating of 7/10.

 Thanks to KT for taking most of these photos.


  1. The best bit was when I climbed up the slide. At the esteemed E. Taylor Hatton Elementary school, the recess nazis would screech at you to stop climbing up the slide.

    1. I imagine slides would have been against health and safety in my school. I don't remember them.